From wood reclamation to professional processing


Benefit too from our comprehensive expertise in the antique wood boom. Kraftholz supplies old and used wood in different forms. Either as raw material directly from brokendown huts, farms, stables etc. Or professionally prepared for wall and ceiling coverings, floors, design objects etc.

First-Class Quality

By careful examination of the stock material and professional processing with state-of-theart equipment and methods.

Antique Wood Specialists

Comprehensive expertise based on our multi-generation experience in wood processing since 1651.

360° Service

From demolition of huts, farms and stables to preparation and cutting into the desired form.

Ecologically Valuable

Unique materials with history and character sourced without felling a tree.

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.”

Khalil Gibran, philosopher and poet, 1883-1931

Antique Wood à la Kraftholz

As true professionals, the antique wood experts at Kraftholz recognize high-quality salvage wood at first glance. In addition, they know exactly which refining processes to use to give these treasures a second life as floor, ceiling or wall covering, as a table or a stylish art object. For example, by treatment in a heat chamber or careful brushing and oiling to bring out the grain and colors even more.

Another incentive for the use of waste wood is its sustainability. This applies both on an ecological and on an economic level. Ecological, because no tree has to be felled for resource recovery. Economical, because high-quality antique wood from Kraftholz retains or increases its value.

Altholz in Form von Balken


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